Community andgiving back.

Community and giving back are key parts of our foundation and core to who we are.

Years ago, we were blessed with several mentors that offered “it’s always about the people – Always.  And while you must make a profit to give back, it is the impact on others that should be the guiding light.”  At the time we didn’t fully grasp the importance of this knowledge, but as years passed it became crystal clear and as Blazon Apparel + Print began coming to life, it was immediately part of our DNA.

Now today, we are very proud of the customers we have the privilege to work with, Team we have and organizations and causes we are involved with.  Following are a few examples that are near and dear to our hearts.

Memorial 3 Gun Foundation

The Memorial 3 Gun Foundation’s mission is to Remember, Honor, and Memorialize fallen Special Operations soldiers through the world of competitive shooting. They want the families to know they are not alone during and after this tragic time.

They host a shooting competition where stories are shared in order to remember who these heroes were and the life they led.  Every person who competes and participates walks away with a sense of who each of these men were.  All proceeds from the events go directly to the families of the fallen soldiers that were honored at the event.  We will never forget, and not let anyone else forget, the ultimate sacrifice these brave men made for this country.

We believe there is no greater form of selflessness than that made by the Families the Memorial 3 Gun Foundation represents and are honored to support an organization that represents values like selflessness, family, and patriotism.


South Carolina Governor’s Cup

The Governor’s Cup billfishing series is an annual, umbrella event encompassing many of South Carolina’s billfish tournaments. A concept of former S.C. Governor Carroll A. Campbell, the Cup is designed to promote the state’s billfishing tournament industry, increase coastal tourism and encourage the conservation of ocean resources through the tagging and release of billfish.

Prior to the Governor’s Cup, less than ten percent of billfish caught were released.  Inspired by the conservation message of the Series, anglers are now releasing record numbers of billfish caught in South Carolina waters.

We are going on our third year of sponsoring and in doing so proudly support the importance of conservation these tournaments drive.


The Citadel Athletics Partner

The Citadel depends on Student Fees, Gifts, Ticket Sales and Corporate Sponsorship to fund the Athletic Department’s budget.  As an alumni and active member of The Citadel Alumni Association, we know the role The Citadel plays in shaping our future leaders.  We are extremely proud of our partnership with The Citadel and opportunity to play a small role in helping support.



A Personal Story

A personal story. In August 2021, our lives changed abruptly when a car accident left our 17-year-old son paralyzed. This experience has taught us that life can change in the blink of eye, urging us to cherish each moment, learn from the challenges, and embrace the present.

Through this adversity, we’ve witnessed the incredible impact of community support, both near and far. The kindness we’ve received has illuminated our darkest moments, leaving us profoundly grateful.

By sharing our personal story, we aim to raise awareness about Spinal Cord Injury and its far-reaching impact on individuals, families, and close circles, while also highlighting the absence of a current cure.

Each item in this collection contributes to causes, families, or purposes detailed in their descriptions.

Thank you for reading and showing interest – it truly makes a difference.

To learn more click here:  #SCI and Our Journey



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