Impacting Others with Custom Apparel: Our Commitment at Blazon

Making a difference. Three very important words to consider. At Blazon, we recognize that our impact stretches well beyond providing quality screen printing and embroidery services. As an active part of the community, we’re dedicated to forging strong connections and making a significant impact through every project we handle. We believe many of the projects in the custom apparel industry have the ability to do this too as many of the customers in this industry represent businesses, schools, charities, foundations, sports leagues, churches, and many many others that contribute to positive impacts far beyond the organizations they represent.

Our commitment to community service and building enduring partnerships is woven into the fabric of our business philosophy – deeply and extremely personally. It started years ago, when we were blessed with several mentors that offered “it’s always about the people – Always.   And while you must make a profit to give back, it is the impact on others that should be the guiding light.” At the time we didn’t fully grasp the importance of this knowledge, but as years passed it became crystal clear, and as Blazon Apparel + Print began coming to life, it was immediately part of our DNA.

As Blazon started, we immediately identified a few foundations that we were passionate about and got involved.   Then as life often happens, we were faced with a life altering hand of our own and experienced firsthand the role it plays on the other side. Both what we were living, and now navigating, only solidified how important community is.

Building Connections That Last

Community is about helping others and making a positive difference for the general community and those that need help. And when it’s personal, it creates meaningful relationships. At Blazon, we harness the power of connectivity not only with our clients but also within the broader community. Each project, whether a local fundraiser, a school event, or a corporate gathering, is an opportunity to reinforce these bonds.

Custom apparel acts as a medium for expression, helping individuals showcase their affiliations, celebrate achievements, and cultivate a shared sense of belonging. From a monetary side, profits from these items are often used to benefit organizations, individuals, and families far beyond the items themselves for long lasting impacts. Understanding both of these aspects, as well as a third being the events themselves, is really important.

Giving Back: A Core Business Principle

Our dedication to the community is evident in how we select our projects and partners. We actively pursue opportunities to contribute positively and make a meaningful difference. Whether it’s participating in charity events, sponsoring local sports teams, or collaborating with non-profits, we integrate social responsibility into our business model, and you can be certain that we walk the walk. This approach doesn’t just give back—it uplifts our community, sparks change, and motivates others to contribute to these initiatives.

The Power of Collective Action

There’s remarkable strength in unity when individuals gather for a common purpose. Whether rallying support with custom t-shirts for a charity run, crafting unique uniforms for a local sports league, or managing an online store where items purchased contributes to a cause and then are worn for others to see. Exponential impacts of collaborative efforts highlighting the power of community. These projects not only raise awareness for important causes but also strengthen community ties and enhance local support.

Creating Legacies, Not Just Apparel

USA Wheelchair rugby team 2024

We at Blazon Apparel + Print do more than deliver exceptional screen printing, embroidery and promotional products. We help craft legacies. Many pieces of apparel we produce tell a story, serve a purpose beyond its aesthetic value, and helps unite people. We take pride in assisting organizations, businesses, and individuals in conveying their narratives through customized merchandise that resonates deeply within the community or cause they are contributing to.

Building Lasting Partnerships

Our business approach is centered on partnership. We collaborate closely with our clients to grasp their needs and aspirations, ensuring that our projects align with their visions and our collective community values. These partnerships foster mutual growth and support, paving the way for ongoing collaboration and success.

This is very personal blog for us. This one is emotional writing as we reflect on people we have connected with through Blazon, impacts, and opportunities ahead as there is so much work to do. Together, we can forge something extraordinary, benefiting not only our clients but our entire community. Join us on this journey of connectivity, service, and impact, and let’s make a lasting difference together!

Interested in working with us and understanding how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you.

Interested in a few organizations we are involved with, please click here. Each of the organizations we highlight here are not just one’s we work with. These are foundations we are actively involved in. It’s one thing to understand what you are printing for. It’s personal when you meet the people impacted.